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Is this Flower?
« on: March 28, 2013, 01:32:54 AM »
A friend with a PS3 told me his favorite game was Flower and so I did a search on the PSN a few weeks later to see if it was available. I accidentally found Eufloria and purchased it. What a great mistake to make!

I've been playing videogames since their inception (another old-schooler here) starting on corporate mainframes (Star Trek! in ASCI) and continuing to every system that is out today (except Vita, haven't jumped on that one yet).

Why do I like Eufloria? Well, for some reason, procedurally-generated graphics fascinate me. I also like the semi-random level generation. I remember how awesome Sentinel was on C64 and never tired of how seemingly random geography could completely alter gameplay, but keep it fresh. I'm not a fan of random for random's sake - game balance is incredibly important. Eufloria got it right by providing a bit of randomness in the levels, but they fit a carefully defined design for how the level should play out. Even more cool for me is the gorgeous graphics where I can zoom in and er see pixelation from pre-rendered texture maps. I love that the seedlings, planets, and everything else are drawn using math.  The clean aesthetic of the visual design is great. My only complaint is I can't remove the UI elements completely (PS3 version) as they are always there grayed-out. Sometimes I just want to sit back and enjoy the view. Especially after finishing a level's goals- would it be so bad to watch my system sim-city like?

A couple of  other things: As an adult with responsibilities, sometimes I can't commit to 45 minutes + for a level completion. Save please? Also, I wish the enemy seedlings wouldn't have the same color scheme I choose. I've had to restart levels due to the fact I couldn't easily tell which planets were mine.

Can't wait for Eufloria Adventure. Sounds like my type of game.... :D



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Re: Is this Flower?
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2013, 07:48:03 AM »
Hey! Sorry for the delayed reply but I've been travelling.

Glad you like the game and I have some answers for you. A lot of the minor annoyances on PS3 were rectified for iPad, Android and will be for PC/Mac/Linux. It looks unlikely that the PS3 version will be updated due to the complexities of updating apps on consoles and the amount of code that changed - I'm every so sorry about that.

Eufloria HD (iPhone, iPad, Android) is currently only $2.99 as it's on sale so perhaps take a look? I'd give you a free version but I'm not in a position to easily do that at the mo. I can give you access to the beta build on PC, Mac or Linux for free?

These versions all save the current level's progress.

You can change your team colour with the team selector top right on the main menu screen. Colour clash is an annoying issue and one we're keen to avoid in future.

As for sitting and watching - we did want this in the newer version but it got a bit fiddly implementing it unfortunately. I am working up an idea which is entirely based around planting and nurturing however ;)