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Title: What ever happened to...?
Post by: Lost Seedling on April 12, 2012, 02:58:52 PM
This map from AWS-

... i have a new little level for people to test if theyre feeling keen?! ;D ;D ;D

its not difficult by any means. in fact, i kinda like it because its a return to how it 'used to be' when i first discovered the game. not difficult, but not super easy. the emphasis being on the exploration and expansion as much as on fighting and winning.
having said that, its a short level so i hope others who dont want a 3hr slog can hop in and enjoy with ease.


Multiplayer from Inumedia-

Working on implementing multiplayer and waiting for Alex to respond to my PM.  Also debating wether I should have sent a PM to Rudolf, or just used emails all together instead of PM'ing.  o-o;

The final version of Web Wide Wars from Collapsoul-

...Well... I started work on this exactly a month ago, spending 2-4 evenings (sometimes turning to "nightnings") every week.
To not miss greatly I'd say it's about another one month (half of it finishing, another half is a bug-hunt)...

Updating the "Central Roid of User Creations"-

This map from an unidentified map-maker-

Yo dude i followed your tuts and that and was wanting to know if you could fix my code cause i keep getting random errors but i cannot see the prob thanks

AI from Mihhaelo-

... My plan at present it to clean up the code and make several distinct AI's. I'm aiming for an epic sized map with 7 enemies...

AI from Pilchard-

...I might get going again after exams, now there's people here again...

Aino (in general)-? (He's got so many unfinished projects I lost count!)

Are any of these projects "dead"? Can the originators provide any updates or insights?

Title: Re: What ever happened too...?
Post by: Pilchard123 on April 12, 2012, 06:07:50 PM
I would really love to get back to the AI, but it kind of has stagnated since I haven't worked on it for so long. I;ve still got all the plans for it, but I have MORE exams now. Also, there isn't anyone around, really.

I just wish A&R would get the PC update done (DW, take as long as you need) - perhaps it would bring more people here again.
Title: Re: What ever happened to...?
Post by: Lost Seedling on April 14, 2012, 06:39:57 PM
Oh well thanks for the "update", Pilchard. I was really looking forward to seeing what you came up with. This forum has been a fun experience for me in learning about LUA and Eufloria map-making, and the AI topic was most fascinating. It sounds like you'll be getting ever busier in your life and have little time for this stuff anymore. I hope you're correct, and the new PC release will stimulate more interest in creating future user-levels. Good luck with your exams.
Title: Re: What ever happened to...?
Post by: sillytuna on May 25, 2012, 05:36:19 PM
Ah, PC, yes, it is gonna happen. Time...