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iOS Mod Changes
« on: June 28, 2012, 06:57:49 PM »
This is for those playing with iOS mods.

The next update, due in a few weeks, is going to break your existing iOS scripts. We've had to change the way the main LUA loop works in order to support the save. The change itself isn't complicated - I have to update 33 scripts and reckon it'll take me a day or so.

Essentially you can no longer use yield and the level update will run in its entirety every frame, so you'd need to if/else based on the 'stage' it should be at. I'll post up details at the time. You can also not store pointers (e.g. to asteroids) between update calls.

With this change, the level state can be saved out correctly so sessions can be continued. In the longer term we may turn that into a full save/load feature so you can have multiple games in progress - that probably depends upon us integrating a proper custom mod system as that's where it'd be most useful. I know some people will make massive levels that take ages to play!

Note that the iOS scripts/commands will be the future for PC/Mac versions as well as please let me know about features that you really want in there. This is a completely different version from your existing PC build, they just happen to share some commands.
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