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So I'm starting to think about how to make the new pc version more suited to modding than it currently is.  Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the original scripts and modding options. From what I do know it was quite flexible (I have seen Alex's guide/chat to him).

So, what I'd like to know is what kind of things people like to do in their mods, and what requests they have.

Anyone who has made a mod for the iOS version will have a good idea of what the new one can and can't do.

I'm also wondering about other ways to support modders, such as a better way to share, rate, and play levels or even entire stories, maybe in game or through a website. I'm not sure if apple will allow us to do this on iOS but on PC maybe we can do something in the future if enough people are interested.

I can't promise anything at the moment, and mod support may come through updates, but the more I know now the more we can plan!


That's to name just a few, but perhaps just a little nearer the higher end of them. Most of the stuff annikk did was using stuff that wasn't in originally, though. TBH, I'd be happy with just basic modding support that gets bigger as time goes on.

Lost Seedling:
Here are some old related threads. Interesting how some of these were later implemented!

And of course this monster:

It would be nice if there were some centralized source for posting and finding mods. This link was a good start but obviously not sufficiently updated.

More suggestions please!

Got vague thoughts about a level editor (in the distant future) and allowing entire level sets at the moment...

Would definitely like to integrate custom levels (finding, downloading, rating) in the app itself.

I will have quite a few editor suggestions for you Alex :-D

On a related note, as utterly awesome as the mods have been, people haven't touched visuals of seedlings and other Euflorian life forms and objects that much yet.  I think however that AMAZING things can be created with only a few values and textures exposed.


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