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New Files Update
« on: November 30, 2018, 09:32:58 AM »

Eclipse-B Update:
Attached below is the latest version of Eclipse-B. The list of updates and new features is too long to list, but one update is particularly noteworthy.
I’ve always been dissatisfied with the send-distance adjustment algorithm in the game. In randomly-generated maps, too many one-way connections were formed or asteroids were moved out of the desired location. I finally figured out a way to ensure maps are contiguously connected without having to move the asteroids. The only drawback is that it takes considerable time to make the calculations, but that is a small price to pay for the flexibility in map-creation it allows.
I think Eclipse-B has about reached the limit for program memory so no more major updates will be forthcoming.

Text String Centering Code:
Another frustration has always been the problem aligning text on-the-fly. Because individual letters each have their own size, it is nearly impossible to determine how to center text or bound the text with graphics. This function when called will return the length of whatever text is put into it, allowing you to know exactly how much space the text string will take up and controlling where it starts, ends, or centers at any given scale.

Trackit Code:
For maps with moving asteroids, this will create a trail showing where the asteroids have been. It makes for very interesting results. Picture is from the "Recursion" map by dragoonreas using a modified version of Trackit Code. The attached code will only show the trail of an asteroid once you have placed the cursor over it.

Debug Text Utility:
I got very tired of typing out the DrawText command repeatedly while debugging various maps and functions. I finally decided to write a dedicated function that would make displaying values that I wanted to monitor on the screen easy and convenient. This was quite simple for a handful of values, but as the number increased into the hundreds it was clear I needed to make it more complex and make the appearance of the text easily modified in real-time. This turned out to be much more involved and complicated than expected, but I am very happy with the end result. I’ve included both a demo and the code in files below.

This code (Eclipse-B has a tailored version) will show you how many seedlings in an Empire are actually engaged in battle as well as how many asteroids are under attack or in danger of being conquered by the enemy. Rather than just looking at the total numbers, I find this information to be particularly useful in monitoring the tide of battle.
Finally, I realize the chance of anyone using any of these files is miniscule, but I wanted to get them out before the new game is released- whenever that is! Any questions or problems with these files please ask.

12/02/18- Made a tiny change in Mutant AI behavior to better perform in new map type included in Eclipse-B update. Updated to version 3.1. This change will result in under-performance of Mutant AI in certain rare map configurations.
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