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Great OS X Software Bundle
« on: November 29, 2012, 11:24:27 PM »
(Forgive me for using the referral link in this post, but I thought this bundle is good enough for telling the Mac users here, and IF I do so, why not use the referral link, too? Admins, if you don’t like this, please tell me and I’ll never do such a thing again.)

This is a real good software bundle for OS X – worth its price alone for TextExpander, Path Finder, DiskAid and Trickster!

For roundabout $30 you get:
- TextExpander
- Path Finder
- TaskPaper
- Concealer
- Trickster
- DesktopShelves
- Optimal Layout
- DiskAid
- iDocument

TetExpander alone usually costs $35, PathFinder $40.

Also, DiskAid may be helpful in loading maps into Eufloria HD/iOS (loading maps into Eufloria HD for iOS has been described elsewhere here). Haven’t tried it yet, though, and haven’t got the time to do it now and for some time in the future.
(This is a referral link: if three people purchase via this link I get my money back.)

Greetings, Tom