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Eufloria Classic Mods / Re: New Files Update
« Last post by Lost Seedling on May 29, 2019, 04:18:22 AM »
Totally understandable. I'll soon be traveling for a while anyway so I'll check back in around November for an update. Good luck with the exams!
Eufloria Classic Mods / Re: New Files Update
« Last post by Aino on May 28, 2019, 11:35:24 PM »
Nope, encountered some problems with the logic in the AI, need to rethink my approach. The silence is because of exams, sorry... :)

To be clear; I want to finish the AI, but it's not a high priority in my life at the moment, I hope that's understandable...
Eufloria Classic Mods / Re: New Files Update
« Last post by Lost Seedling on May 28, 2019, 07:18:07 AM »
Aino, did you give up already on the new AI? The silence is deafening!
working like a charm ,thx Aino ;)
The post pattern has been held onto when switching from dyson... to euflorium, so you should be able to change out the link and be able to navigate to the intended page pretty "easily". Not as easy as clicking the link, but doing this should yield the results you want without having to search the forum each time:
1. Copy the link, say Annikk's "Everswarm", which is ";topicseen"
2. Swap out "" in the link with "", and end up with the link ";topicseen"
3. ? ? ? ?
4. PROFIT!!!!

I of course haven't checked all the links, but for the ones I've done it with it works brilliantly.
Dyson-Game dot com has apparently been given up long ago—IIRC the developers of Eufloria feared to be sued by the Dyson company (those who make and sell the vacuum cleaner).
aha.. it would be nice to have such page to have all custom maps downloadable from single link, but if it is not working then I will search through forum and find all maps separately..
thx Lost Seedling for help and I really appreciate quick responses ;)
This page you're currently reading was an attempt by one of the members to create a link for all the maps but has long since expired many years ago. Right now there is no one page where you can download a variety of maps. You must search through the postings from the link I gave you earlier and search out individual maps in their original uploads/postings. If you look at my post here in this topic I listed almost all of the playable maps currently in existence. However, you will still need to search them out individually. Are you able to download the map files from the links I gave you and install them in the game?
thx below links are working for me, but still I do not understand why I cannot access all maps through: (is this correct page?)

if I try link:

Map Name: The Broken Belt (10-May-2011)
Features: * Prepare, to meet the aliens yet again, but now they are more furious and angry than ever. They'll crush you and your foolish army within seconds, unless... you beat them.
                 * Hard and long map
                 * Non-linear
                 * Includes Alien AI V1.1
                 * Partially big map

it sends me here (check attachment)
Below are links to the pages for the two maps you listed. To find other maps you'll need to go to the link I provided earlier and search through the postings for the map you're looking for or use the Search function at the top this page. Both of these maps downloaded fine for me from the links below. Let me know if you need more assistance. Incidentally, Tough Collisions is not a standard Eufloria-game map but and experimental mod. There are a number of wild experiments you may run across in your downloads.

Broken Belt:

Tough Collisions:

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